A paradise for all lovers of nature

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The rich nature of Mas de la Balma

The uniqueness of camping Mas de la Balma is the beautiful landscape and its rich natural resources.
At La Balma you can still enjoy the tranquillity of nature and its unusual flora and fauna, both around the pitches and on the rest of the site.

In the pre-season (early June) numerous species of orchids bloom, spread across the area,
For those who are interested Mas de la Balma is at that time a true paradise of orchids.

Very many larger and small animals live on the grounds of Mas de la Balma.
If you're going to look for them it's not easy to find them, but if you constantly keep your eyes open, you will see a surprising abundance.

In the post-season, late August and early September, a true explosion of mushrooms can develop.
Especially in humid and warm weather they grow fast.

Moreover, you can enjoy  the plants, trees and many small animals on site in all seasons.

In order to let you see as much as possible of the nature, on the grounds of the camp site La Balma has a number of well-marked hiking trails
The trails go on the grounds of the camp site and are naturist walks of about an hour. Sometimes they follow the centuries-old donkey trails and sometimes the old riverbeds.
Hiking boots or sturdy shoes are recommended by us. You will have to climb and descent along these trails.